Missouri Cop Who Shot Little Boy’s Golden Retriever ‘Feared For His Life’

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“I saw Marley get shot the second time, he fell on the ground. Then probably 30 seconds, at least 30 seconds after that of being on the ground he shot again, the third time.”

Fox4kc out of Kansas City is reporting that a police officer in Camden, Missouri shot a family’s non-aggressive Golden Retriever on Monday because he claimed he feared for his life. The story is just as insane as it sounds.

Wilhite (the dog’s owner) said Marley loved to go down to the bus stop and hang out with the neighborhood kids when they got off the bus. Last Wednesday, December 17, Marley was barking at a little girl and following her down the street. Later that day Wilhite said a Ray County Sheriff’s Deputy vehicle pulled into her driveway, but the driver claimed to be a police officer with the City of Camden.

She said the officer explained the dog needed to be on a leash when the kids got off the bus. Wilhite said she was trying to get the dog in the house when it ran off. She told FOX 4 as Marley came running around the other side of the house, the officer shot the dog three times, killing him.

That’s right, an officer who lied about what police department who worked for shot a family’s dog in their own yard because he was apparently deathly afraid of dogs.

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 Wilhite said the officer claimed he feared for his life and thought the dog was going to bite him. After the dog was shot the family said the officer left the dead dog behind in the yard.

It’s notable that some cops seem to have a tendency to shoot other people’s dogs even though they have no right to be on that person’s property and the dogs aren’t hostile. Video evidence follows and I recommend against watching it if you’re having a bad day already.

From November of this year.

From October of this year.

From April of this year. Cop entered the family’s property but shot himself accidentally. Dog lives.

From July of this year. Cop entered the man’s property.

From February of this year in someone’s yard.

Those are just a very few. There’s a lot of these and what they all show is scared cops who see a gun as the only solution to the problem instead of backing off or assessing the situation like any other normal person would do. It is mind blowing to me that police can enter your property and shoot your dog simply because they claim to be frightened or that the dog impeded them.

If you’ll shoot a Golden Retriever because you’re scared then you’re scared of everything and shouldn’t be a police officer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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