Ghost Hunter Inexplicably Stabs Himself At Iowa “Axe Murder House” Right After TC Crew Leaves

Villisca Axe Murder House

Firstly, this is not a plug, this is absolutely real.

You probably haven’t heard of Villisca, Iowa’s “Axe Murder House” but it’s famous in Iowa because, in 1912, 8 people, including children, were murdered by a man wielding, you guessed it, an axe. He was never caught and the murders are still unsolved to this day. They likely always will be.

The Axe Murder House was also the scene of Thought Catalog’s most recent liveblogging session where Chrissy Stockton, Michael Koh, and Rob Fee all spent the night attempting and perhaps succeeding in communing with the dead.

Literally one day after they wrapped up and headed home, a paranormal ghost hunter from Wisconsin was visiting and reportedly suffered a self inflicted knife wound while alone in one of the house’s bedrooms.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was called to the infamous location at 508 East 2nd Street in Villisca at around 12:45 a.m. On arrival and following a brief investigation, deputies found Steven Laursen Jr. of Rhinelander, Wisconsin with a self-inflicted stab wound. Laursen was taken by Villisca Rescue to Clarinda Regional Health Center, then transferred by medical helicopter to Creighton Medical Center in Omaha. An update on his condition was unavailable Friday afternoon. Montgomery County Sheriff Joe Sampson tells KMA News Laursen was alone in one of the house’s rooms at the time of the incident.

Inside the room by himself and he stabbed himself and then called out for help? Completely bizarre. Here’s what Chrissy Stockton had to say about it in her most recent update of her piece.

Nov. 7, one night after we left the Villisca Axe Murder House police were called to the house because a stabbing was reported. Keep in mind there is no town sherriff so the person staying there had to call 911 and wait for a cop from a different town to drive over. It was a self-inflicted stab wound that occured during a paranormal investigation. It doesn’t say in the news report but I’m guessing “self-inflicted” means “ghost-inflicted” in this case. I can’t believe this happened right after we left. Unbelievable. My thoughts and prayers are with the family involved.

Chrissy, Rob, and Michael

Attention getting and mental instability on the Wisconsin man’s part? Possibly, but he’s yet to make a statement about the incident or make any claim about why he did it. He hasn’t even made any claim to the press that there was something paranormal involved in it which would be the first thing I’d expect him to say.

I can’t speak for Chrissy, Michael, or Rob, but I’m thankful that this did not happen while they were visiting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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