Ferguson Grand Jury’s Decision On Darren Wilson To Be Announced Tonight At 9PM EST

Officer Darren Wilson via Facebook.com

UPDATE: The press conference/announcement has been pushed back until 9pm EST.

Per USAToday:

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch plans to announce after 5 p.m. CT (6pm EST) whether Wilson, 28, will face charges in the death of teenager Michael Brown, said Anthony Gray, a lawyer for the Brown family.

Most in the news media seem to believe it’s already a done deal and that the Grand Jury deciding whether or not to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson have already reached the decision not to. Regardless, since August, multiple individuals and groups, millions of people, have become personally emotionally invested in the outcome of the case. Earlier today there was chatter on Twitter that there was going to be a couple of press releases prior to an actual announcement of the Grand Jury decision.

It appears that’s no longer the case and that there will simply be an announcement, possibly with no questions answered by Prosecutor Robert McCulloch afterwards.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has already declared a state of emergency in advance of the announcement.



So, we’ll see. Hopefully everyone will still be here tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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