Behold! Here Are Up Close Images Of The First Comet Landing In History!


Today an awesome thing happened. The first man made spacecraft, called Philae, landed on the surface of a moving object (comet) in outer space and also accomplished the similarly Herculean task of beating out Kim Kardashian’s rear on end in terms of Twitter mentions. Truly, miracles abound.

The pictures are below and amazing.

via Flickr – European Space Agency
via Flickr – European Space Agency

Here’s the celebration when Philae touched down safely.

And the wonderful XKCD comic indicating just how much of a first this really was. The whole endeavor has been compared to hitting a bullet with another bullet because of the extreme speeds and vast distances involved.

Interested in seeing how it all worked? I’ve got you covered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Twitter

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