Ebola Scare On US Airways: Man Sneezes Then Jokes About Having “Just Come From Africa”

Bump to 1:40 if you just want to see the “oh shit” moment.

Today, on US Airways Flight 850 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, a man sneezed and then thought it was cool to joke that he’d just come from Africa…implying that he was sick and might have Ebola.

Hey, that’s a cool joke.

Although attendants were told it was a joke, they still have to report it and soon after one of the attendants called the man an idiot over the intercom, authorities in full on gear arrive to sort him out. He was then led him off the plane for further questioning. While being led out, the jokester comments “I ain’t from Africa, shit.”

“ain’t from Africa, shit.” via YouTube

Not so funny now, I’d imagine. And no, he didn’t have Ebola. I know one of you will ask. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – YouTube

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