21-Year-Old Girl Convicted Of Falsifying Rape And Kidnapping Charges Gets Only 32 Days In Jail

Weld County Sheriff’s office

Well, to be fair, Katherine Bennett got 180 days of electronic home monitoring and five years of supervised probation too. This, it should be noted, is far less horrible than what happened to the man she accused of kidnapping and raping her even though it was found that the entire accusation was a “hoax.” According to the Coloradoan:

Bennett accused 25-year-old Windsor man Dustin Toth of luring her to a Safeway parking lot Nov. 24 before taking her back to his home, holding her there overnight and sexually assaulting her.

She told police that Toth had convinced her to meet up and talk “as a friend” about his impending National Guard deployment, according to an arrest affidavit from the Windsor Police Department.

As a result of Bennett’s report, Toth was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and sexual assault and was jailed.

Definitely a prudent course of action on the part of authorities. That kind of accusation has to be investigated. As a result of that investigation, Bennett was found to be a lying liar who lies.

As a result of the false report, Toth said he lost his job at OtterBox and was barred from deploying with his Army National Guard team to Cuba. He has since struggled to find work, been denied on multiple apartment applications and has become prone to anxiety attacks, he told the judge Friday.

So, he can’t get a job even in the Army and has had a hard time even finding a place to live. This is all during the investigation, mind you. It’s a product of even being investigated for rape/kidnapping. Surely, after hitting the “destruct” button on someone’s life by lying through your teeth about their fantasy assault a judge would see fit to set an appropriate punishment, maybe one that would fit the severity of the crime and discourage other hoaxsters from doing the same thing.


Katherine Bennett, 21, was sentenced to 32 days in the Weld County Jail, 180 days of electronic home monitoring and five years of supervised probation during a hearing that included an emotional statement by the man whose life her false allegations decimated.

What would she have gotten without the emotional statement? A prize?

Bennett was on medication at the time she made the whole thing up and attempted to partially blame the medication for her lies which I find interesting. Presumably she was on the medication because she has some kind of mental illness. If she hadn’t been on the meds would she just have claimed she was insane and not responsible for her actions? Yes, the answer is yes. So, no matter what, in her “not guilty” defense, she does not believe she was responsible for her actions.

I just don’t think 32 days in the clink is going to fix a level 12 sociopath like that and it’s sure not proportional to the damage she caused her victim. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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