What People Are Saying About Scotland’s Historic Vote On Independence This Thursday


If you’re anything like Stephen Colbert then you likely have no idea why some Scottish citizens want to secede from the United Kingdom. In fact, you may be even more like Colbert in that you agree with the following declaration he made on his show.

“Folks, anytime people are angrily demanding something and I don’t entirely understand why, I am with them.”

But regardless of whether you agree with Colbert or don’t have any idea what you think, this vote is happening and it could bring big changes. Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom since 1707 and there remain looming questions about basics like would an independent Scotland retain nuclear weapons (they don’t want them), would they have enough money to have a functioning government (probably), and what unit of money would they use (they say they’d use the British pound). Of course both those opposed to independence and for it are claiming that their side will win. Polling currently indicates that the “no” to independence vote was ahead until August. In September the no and yes votes pulled even with no slightly ahead but still within the polls margin or error. What’s more, many polls have 20% of the voting population as “undecided.”

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Here’s what the ‘Yes’ Scotland people are saying, those that are pro-independence

There’s also some interesting articles in here as to why ‘yes’ is a good thing.




And here’s what people who are going to vote ‘no’ on independence are saying





So, it’s not exactly a peaceful process but thus far it’s certainly been civil. If ‘no’ wins out then it remains to be seen what the U.K. will do about a voting Scottish population where nearly 50% of the country wants to leave. That might be the biggest question of all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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