This Father Gave Up Being A Financial Powerhouse Just Because His Daughter Missed Him

I don’t usually go for these kinds of stories but I think this one is pretty special and feels sincere.

By now it’s complete cliche, the high powered father with the high powered job spends all his time at work expending his energy on making money through some kind of business and ends up so alienated from his children that they end up practically being strangers. Then the kids rebel, etc. It’s so much of a cliche that it’s basically a movie trope at this point. That worn out storyline is why the case of Mohamed A. El-Erian is so fantastic.

El-Erian has been the CEO of PIMCO, a global investment firm, the Chief Financial Advisor to Allianz, a multinational investment firm, and was appointed by President Obama in 2012 to be the Chair of the Global Development Council. In the world of important and powerful people he’s been a king among kings. That status makes what he did next all the more interesting, he quit. From

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Oh, he didn’t quit working completely but, to repair his relationship with his daughter, he now does part-time work that allows him to be home and parent.

It’s a very inspirational article that, I think, speaks volumes about priorities in life. Check it out here at Worth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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