Ray Rice’s Wife Responds To Media: “You Hurt Us, Embarrassed Us, And Took Our Happiness Away”

No, it’s not the nightmare that Janay Rice was knocked out by her then fiancé in an elevator back in February during an argument. In this nightmare, the NFL boots Ray Rice from the league and suspends him indefinitely. Janay, it seems, values her husband’s career more than she cares about the league’s seeming willingness to cover up and hand wave every public problem its players ever have (because money and image). But this is understandable, it’s not the life she thought she was going to live.

Though it’s not being talked about, this result sort of goes against the narrative. Whereas, usually, the point would be to punish Ray Rice, what has actually happened here is that, by hiding what it knew from day 1, the NFL has created an environment where they couldn’t rehabilitate Ray Rice in the public eye. He had to go. But what about Janay? As a victim, she’s now in a position that no one would want. Her and her husband don’t have jobs and he has no prospects to get a job anywhere.

Does she even have a degree? Any training that would allow her to help support her marriage? Will she leave Ray now that it’s all come apart? Do they truly have a better relationship now, devoid of violence? It’s strange but we seem to have a situation here where destroying the husband has also possibly destroyed the wife, the victim. Honestly, the feeling that I have is that everyone’s already forgotten about Janay.

Will all the people who were rightly outraged on behalf of Janay be setting up GoFundMe accounts on her behalf so that she can get out from under a bad relationship, if it is still bad? I doubt it. Internet outrage burns fast but it burns messy and once the initial goal is achieved the rest is forgotten. It likely doesn’t matter to most that Janay is now essentially out on her butt as well because Ray Rice had money, right? Well, it’s athlete money so there’s no telling whether it actually still exists or not. Nobody knows but nobody cares either.

What’s more, this wasn’t as straight forward a battering relationship as it’s been presented in the media. From the video we’ve all seen, Ray and Janay didn’t have a typical “husband beats wife” kind of relationship. Oh, he insanely punched her like a man but if you watch the video what you’ll see is a totally dysfunctional relationship between two people who don’t know how to express themselves without violence, violent words, slaps, pushes, punches. Judging from the video, they don’t respect each other. Here’s the vid and I encourage you to watch it again with a critical eye.

She smacks him at 9 seconds, he gets in her face once they’re in the elevator, she elbows him away, he slaps her, she charges him and spits on him, then he punches her.


This isn’t how well adjusted people act. People don’t slap their fianceés casually in public, they don’t get in their future wife’s face, they don’t spit or hit each other. These are two people who are emotionally stunted, they are children, completely subject to the whims of their own emotions.

That’s a tragedy for both of them because it means a lot of misery and pain for themselves and for others no matter whether they’re together or apart. And, as of now, it looks like it could mean financial ruin as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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