Home Depot: “Hey, Your Credit Card May Have Been Stolen…Two Weeks Ago.”

Just got this little email from Home Depot where I buy lumber (seriously) and all my gardening supplies. For background, Home Depot knew this had happened as soon as it happened because it was all over the news. Still, they counted on me finding out all by myself.

Home Depot
I’m such a “valued customer” that they’re letting me know that all my money may have already been stolen. What’s more, in two weeks I could have already noticed the money was stolen, filed a fradulent charges complaint with my CC company, had the money back into my account, and gotten a new card. And yet, in that same two weeks, Home Depot decided it was better to leave me well enough alone.

That’s customer service for you. “Home Depot, letting you handle the problems we caused all on your own.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Mike Mozart

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