Disturbing Video Reveals Maggots Are Being Served To High School Students In Memphis


Remember your school lunches? How they were full of fried and fat and fried fat? At Overton High School in Memphis, Tennessee, the students got a heaping helping of wriggling maggot hangers on with their chicken patties (aka food for elementary school students).

Here’s what the school had to say according WMC Action News 5:

“A student reported that they found what appeared to be an insect on their meal. School and district staff have since conducted a thorough inspection of the cafeteria and kitchen to ensure that no other meals were contaminated. They found that no additional food items were compromised.”

And yet there were, apparently, because just days later there’s this from another student.

“It was just nasty, and we need better lunches because I was eating my chicken sandwich and a maggot popped out.”

Chicken patties, etc, are already terrible things to feed kids every day and maggots are really the last thing to happen in an unsterile food environment, not the first. Whole lotta nonsense going on in Memphis. Seems like a good place for this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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