Big Firefighters Save Tiny Hamsters Through The Use Of Tiny Oxygen Tanks

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Okay, the oxygen tanks aren’t tiny but the hamsters that these Washington State Fire Fighters saved were literally babies and the hose is pretty small. Responding to a burning mobile home, the men at Lacey Fire District 3 went to work not just putting out the fire but also managing to resuscitate the baby hamsters found inside. Luckily, we have pictures or it’s likely no one would believe it. From

The crew, from the Lacey Fire Department, relied on ‘pet emergency pocket guides’ to bring the injured rodents back to life – and even used oxygen and first aid to treat the pets.

According to KOMO, five rodents – Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed baby hamsters – were recovered. Unfortunately, one of the pets died in the aftermath. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Twitter

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