20 Instagram Posts The Chinese Government Doesn’t Want Anyone To See (Because Democracy)


“Instagram has finally joined the family of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Line and Snapchat. Farewell.”

Responding to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong referring to themselves as the “Umbrella Revolution” and “Occupy Central,” the Chinese government has shut down Instagram in every part of the country but Hong Kong. The pro-democracy protesters clashed with police yesterday and, in return, were greeted with tear gas and mass arrests. The Instagram shutdown is significant because it’s one of the few social media outlets that was still allowed in mainland China. Well, no more. Chinese citizens outside of Hong Kong will no longer have access to these images and messages.

Here’s just a few of the images that the Chinese government hopes to keep mainland Chinese from seeing lest they get any ideas about a democracy movement of their own. I’ve added some images from Twitter as well since Instagram is so iffy right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


featured image – Instagram

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