When This Gay Teen Was Thrown Out Of His Parents House The Internet Reacted Perfectly

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1df_i26wh-w#t=98]

The teen’s name is Daniel, he’s 19 and, no lie, this is a little rough to listen to.The mother exhibits some strange logic such as “I knew you were gay as a little boy” and then states that, in being gay, her son has “made this choice.” Then she throws him out and says it’s his choice in being thrown out because he’s gay.

Then his mother (maybe? hard to tell) attacks him after saying “he made that choice” even though she already said she always knew he was gay.

Well, the video was attached to a GoFundMe account and the internet reacted the way the internet sometimes reacts, with support.

GoFundMe screenshot

I can’t imagine having to justify myself to my parents like that. No one should have to. And Daniel, make it last. 73K is more money than almost anyone ever has in cash at once. Don’t waste it. And internet, well done. You did good work here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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