This Guy Dressed Up As Iron Man For A Children’s Charity And His Story Is Amazing

Reddit user IWasSurprisedToo shows us pics of himself at Cosplay for Charity: 2014 Teen-Tastic Fishing Derby for Downs Syndrome where he dressed up as Iron Man to brighten the day of kids and families for whom every day is, as he says, “full of hard realities.” All credit goes to him for uploading this inspirational gallery of photos to imgur and a personal thanks from me for what he does and for granting permission to share it.

It’s that time again…

87 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather for being in a silver bodysuit covered in armor. You’ll notice the fan behind me. That was no accident, trust me.



Thanks for viewing my gallery! Yes, the armor was handmade by me. It was my second year doing it, and I’ve started to get things figured out, kind of. …Also, I was already sweating by this point.


I should probably mention that I’m a little tall. She didn’t mind. …I did almost trip on a few kids, however.


There is something really cool happening over there. Not sure what, but I bet it was cool.


Yep……Can’t see s***. I actually thought I was looking at the camera here.


Can I fly with you?! He really wanted to.


Well… ok. This was the best I could do.


His dad said to smile for the camera to which I replied “I am, can’t you tell?”


He wanted to do a claw instead. I went with it.


Our hosts. Every year, they donate the use of their farm so that we can spend money on prizes and games for the kids instead. Thank you for everything. …I didn’t know there was a dog there ’til it barked.


He just wanted to share with me! Sometimes the generosity of spirit of people blows me away.


I told him he should keep them,


…and he gave me this flower instead.


He said I was his hero, and asked his mom if it was ok to shake my hand.


It totally was.


Unabashed joy is one of my favorite things in the world to see. After we took this photo, he hugged me for at least a full minute. Feels good, man. :)


D’aww. Adorable bear hug. With adorably disproportionate strength. …It was a death grip, seriously.


This photo is from last year.


There should be a link in the comments, in case you’re interested. I get asked occasionally why I do things like this, and if it’s worth it. It is worth it. But the reason I do it is a little complicated. It’s true I’m a total ham, but I do it because I get how hard it can be for families to be caretakers as well. That’s my brother, in the chair in front. I don’t have a picture from this year’s, because he passed away three weeks before this all took place. I agreed to do it months ago, and if it weren’t for the fact that I knew it would disappoint the kids if I hadn’t shown up, I wouldn’t have. But I’m very glad I did.

Christopher. 1991-2014.

I figure if you’ve made it this far in the album, you’re at least a little interested, and I don’t want you feeling like I’ve pulled some kind of bait and switch on you, so I’ll be quick. I’m hoping people won’t accuse me of trying to get internet points, either, so feel free to not upvote. All I wanted to say was that sometimes, a little fantasy can make all the difference for people, whose lives are filled with many hard realities. I got into costuming to escape, and sometimes I can help other people escape too. We all need a breather sometimes, a little bit of air, and pretend, before we can shoulder it again. Parents need it. Siblings need it, and someday, children might need it too. So don’t listen, please, to people who say things like ‘useless fantasy’. That means they probably never needed it, and I’m glad for them that they don’t, because that also means their lives are pretty good. But they don’t understand, and frankly, we don’t need them to. We can change the world ourselves, for the better, using *what* we love to help those *who* we love. Us, with our ridiculous outfits and hobbies and obsessions, can do a kind of good that serious and practical people can’t. So please, do something with what you do.

Thank you for indulging me.

Sorry If I lowered the mood near the end there, but I hope it was worth your time anyway. …Here is a photo of a couple of little horses.Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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