Shark Week Has Become Total Bullshit


Shark week used to be about sharks as in the animals but as the years have dragged on we’ve gotten more and more monster movie garbage in the mix. I can only assume that in a few years time Discovery will just air a loop of the attack scenes from Jaws over and over again with the watermark “science” in the upper right hand corner. And before anyone says “this is how it always was” no, no it wasn’t. It used to be about sharks and their habitat and the science of underwater life. Now it’s not. It’s about gauging whether or not you’ll be killed by giant sharks next week. Two facts:

  • There are hardly any shark attacks at all in the world.
  • People are killing the crap out of all kinds of sharks all the time.

Tune out of this crap and tune into the good stuff. It doesn’t require you to pay for a million channels in order to watch it and it’s available streaming on your Roku Box or AppleTV along with tons of other good content. Full episode here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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