It’s Time To Panic: Statistics Show A Spike In Race-Based Crimes Against Whites In DC!


You probably came in here hot so let’s get straight to the point. Today the Washington Times (not the Washington Post) published an article entitled “Race-based hate crimes spike in D.C.; whites most common victims, but underreporting feared.” The article points out that more than half of the 18 race related crimes in 2013 were committed by Black people against White people (DC’s population is 50% Black, 35% White, 10% Hispanic). This was up from 13 total hate crimes from 2012.

Of the 18 victims of race-motivated hate crimes last year, 10 were white, four were black, two Hispanic, one Asian and one of another race, according to D.C. police.

My first thought was “wow, only 18 total race-related hate crimes in D.C. for the entire year? That’s amazing! And guess what, the rest of the article mostly tacitly agrees with that poignant analysis. It also shows that the majority of hate crimes have nothing at all to do with race since a total of 70 hate crimes were reported for 2013, a drop from 81 in 2012. So, in D.C. race-related hate crimes aren’t close to the biggest hate crime problem and hate crimes overall are down. That should be the story.

But it isn’t the story because the details of the article don’t matter to the readership. An article like this is intended to bait and switch, to turn good news for the city into scary news for White people when it isn’t at all. It plugs deep into the lizard brain world of people who are visiting the site and clicking the link because they want their biases confirmed. These people don’t actually read the article. But, that’s the point. The entirety of the text of the article is completely ignored for the sake of preserving the information in the headline. Then, this happens:

Screenshot of the Washington Times

2,000 Facebook shares, 838 Twitter shares, 53 Google+ shares. That’s pretty decent. Then it gets picked up and this happens:




Look at all those different websites. It goes on this way for pages until it’s moved through the filter from local news to conservative political news to Stormfront and the like. Here’s a sample from the article by the Daily Slave.

This shouldn’t be any surprise.  Of course Blacks keep jumping up and down like they are the victims of “racism” when in reality there are far more Black on White crimes than White on Black crimes.

The Jew run media only paints Blacks as victims and it is getting really old.  The on-going situation which has been agitated by the media’s coverage is just one of many examples that we have seen over the past 50 to 60 years.

If Blacks are so tired of being victimized by the evil White man than move to Africa.  You won’t find very many White people there.

There’s nary a hint of any actually useful or factual information in the article. It’s all about the headline which dog whistles that White people all across the country are terrible danger because “Ferguson” and because “Spike in race-based hate crimes.” Five additional cases over a year do not equate to a spike. They equate to a slight increase in a very small number. In fact, here’s the overall numbers, easily found by anyone who is interested in finding them.

via Wikipedia

What’s more, no one who reads the notoriously Right Wing Washington Times is sharing this article because they’re so darned excited about DC’s drop in hate crimes. They’re sharing it because they’re racists who think they finally have some statistics on their side, that they can finally prove that Black people hate them and, in turn, they can justify their own hatred and fear of Black people.

So why did I do all this? Why did I read the terrible article, do the Googleing, and look up the number of hate crimes in the U.S. and put it all in here? Because the Washington Times headline is the perfect case subject in how data gets assassinated by the media. It gets stuck in one end where the focus is on something tangential and it comes out the other end with the tangent having become so overblown that the actual data, the stuff that mattered, gets completely forgotten. And this happens on the Left and Right to varying degrees on different issues. I wrote an article in April about the gender wage gap and how it’s almost completely made up but the Left has to keep lying about it in order to keep that narrative going because votes. Here it is if you’re interested.

Look at the numbers above. It’s members of the LGBT community, Muslims, and Black people that are getting their asses kicked out there in America, hardly anyone’s getting hurt simply for being White. If a headline seems outrageous, if someone seems to be saying you should be afraid or that they’re coming to get you then it’s probably bullshit because bullshit is how money gets made. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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