How Would You Like To Grow A Bunch Of Government Pot For “Science”


Really though, it’s for science. Do you have 12 acres full of thriving green marijuana plants? Are you willing to grow and cultivate these plants so that the government can pay you to continue doing what you were already doing except in a more federally approved way? If so, then this government contract with the National Institute on Drug Abuse is for you. You’ll also need to do to the following:

  1. Have a bunch of Schedule 1 and 2 permit registrations that I don’t understand.
  2. Have a 12 acre sized security cam system and a huge indoor growing area.
  3. Have a DEA and FDA approved approved storage vault that can hold 400 to 700 kilos of dope, dope extracts, and joints.
  4. Be registered with the FDA as a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Oh, maybe they should have listed that last one first. This is all about making pot pills and testing potency which, you’d think, after running programs like this for decades as the government has, they’d already have figured out.

Still though, I shouldn’t complain. With marijuana becoming more and more accepted as a far less harmful painkiller among other uses, we’ve seen overdoses from painkiller use drop by nearly 25% since marijuana can’t kill you and nearly every other prescribed painkiller absolutely can…another thing that the government likely already had figured out.

Bidding is open now. Go get em. And if you bid on and win the contract as a result of this post then please hire me as a part-time consultant who does no work as thanks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Brett Levin

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