Brits Celebrate The Time They Burned The White House, Americans Whine

In 1814, the British took over Washington, D.C. and burned it, including the White House and the Capitol Building, as reprisal for the American raid on the British Port of Dover in England. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Fair enough. This was all a part of the War of 1812 wherein the British supported Native American tribes as a proxy force against the United States and limited our ability to trade with France…because Britain was at war with France. At the same time, we attempted to occupy British North American territory aka Canada and keep it for ourselves. The war lasted two years and resulted in zero territory being taken either by or from the U.S. or the U.K.

Today, because they’re funny, the British Embassy in the U.S. posted the above tweet as a well meaning joke to remind us just who it was who took over our capital and burned it before being driven back out to sea by God (aka a terrible thunderstorm). Some Americans, being sensitive ninnies, took offense to this tweet even though they appear to have no idea what the tweet refers to. Iraq, right? It refers to Iraq?

“Is this shade?” No, it’s history. Good stuff, you rotten limeys, well trolled.

Also, below is a re-enactment of the British burning D.C. or “shade” as it’s known to some as well as a photo of British Rear Admiral George Cockburn posed with D.C. burning in background. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – YouTube

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