Watch These Cops Block Off A Whole Street For A Neighborhood Pickup Game

“They see enough of the bad stuff that goes in the neighborhoods just like we do, and we need to get their mind off of that.” -Officer Todd Templeton

According to Kansas City’s KMBC, while the New York Police Department was embroiled in controversy over the death of 43-year-old Eric Garner, Kansas City Police were showing that their job is just as much about community as it is law enforcement.

Without knowing that anyone would be recording their pickup game, the three officers blocked the area of the street where the court was and just played ball the neighborhood kids.

Said Samuel Lockridge, who took the video:

“It was very special. That’s why I felt like it was important and I felt obligated to record it,” Lockridge said. “Ain’t seen too many police officers do this.”

“They done blocked off the street.” via YouTube
via YouTube

Just as interesting, the Kansas City Police Department seems to believe that outreach truly is an important thing. They even have a way for thankful people to reach back to the Department and let them know when they appreciate something an officer has done. And, it goes straight to the Chief of Police. That’s an incentive to engage with the community right there.


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