This Ohio Firefighter Has Invented An Amazingly Simple Device To Stop School Gunmen

There’s been a number of responses from the public and government officials over the years to school shootings like those that have taken place at Columbine and Newtown. Most of those responses have taken the form of either suggesting increased security, arming teachers, or making tougher gun control laws. The problem with all of these, however, is that they’re politically difficult and so while the danger of school shootings is still out there a new deterrent to address the danger flounders in the court of public opinion.

One man in Licking County Ohio has moved past the ideological and on to inventing something practical that can be implemented quickly. The solution? Focus on keeping the shooter out of classrooms. From Ohio’s ABC6 On Your Side:

A local firefighter and SWAT medic has invented a device that he says could save lives in the event of a school or other active shooter situation inside a building.

Troy Lowe teaches shooter response training programs but over the years he noticed similar reactions from people involved.

“You’ll see the fine motor skills go away when you increase the pressure a little bit,” Lowe said.

And when seconds count, Lowe says easing that pressure is critical. So he invented “The Barracuda Intruder Defense System”, a door security product he says is easy to use and can quickly be deployed.

“The idea is to secure yourself inside the room without opening the door,” Lowe said.

There are a few different designs of the steel-based product, so you can apply it to an inward-facing door and an outward-facing door. And Lowe says the braces are strong.

“When they were tested in the factory, the door failed before the devices did,” Lowe said. “There’s potential to save a lot of lives.”

The devices only cost 100 bucks a piece and there are models for all kinds of door designs. Frankly, this simple device really could save a lot of lives while the public screams at one another and agrees on nothing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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