This Brutally Bad Live Performance By Yoko Ono Will Literally Make You Want To Die

Really though, I want to die. This is possibly the most cringeworthy thing I have seen anyone do in public in the last year and that’s only because I tend to try and block these things out. Likely this is top 10.

And it’s not just me. Here’s an excerpt of the Guardian’s review of her performance that speaks directly to my heart:

Where and when: Park stage, 6pm Sunday

Dress code: Fedora, shades, elastic tonsils, very open mind.

What happened: Shortly after Dolly Parton finishes, another cult female legend takes to the Park stage, albeit one trickier to sing along with unless you’ve been having your vocal chords hand-stretched on a weekly basis. “I’ve been tap-dancing in the mud!” yells Yoko, launching into an opening speech that attacks fracking, tries to get everyone to sexually accost the person next to them and ends with a characteristic sentiment: “AAAAAGGGHH-oo-wowowow-we have to save the beautiful country that our ancestors saved for us-AAAAGGHHH!”

What follows is 40 minutes of experimental drum drone, bluesy riff rock, spoken word “affirmations” and singing that resembles, in turn, mini orgasms, primal scream therapy and simian territorial fighting.

Yoko, stop it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – YouTube

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