This Girl’s Parents Were Right About Her Psycho Boyfriend


The last time we heard from Jersey girl Rachel Channing she was suing her parents for living expenses, private school tuition, and future college tuition because they made her leave home when she turned 18 saying she had to obey the house rules. She dropped the case back in March and moved home after a drawn out and silly stint in court. However, she’s now back in court after filing a domestic violence complaint and a temporary restraining order against her boyfriend. This would be the boyfriend that her parents previously demanded she stop seeing.

Lucas Kitzmiller, pictured below, allegedly wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her on Sunday. Channing has maintained what’s been described as an on again off again relationship with Lucas (or Louie as she calls him on Facebook) since moving back in with her parents and apparently everything with her and the ‘rents are better. She’s attending Western New England University and majoring in Biomedical Engineering (go STEM!).

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However, I’ve seen this movie before. “Sean Canning said his daughter did not seek to file criminal charges against Kitzmiller but the underlying basis of the restraining order is an alleged criminal act.” Didn’t want to file charges? No, no, your girl-choking boyfriend needs criminal charges filed against him.

Future prediction, Canning will drop the charges and get back with ‘Louie’ because he’s “so, so, sorry and, like, totally loves her.” Here’s hoping not. Shake him off, kid. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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