These Are The Best Answers To The Worst Sex Ed Questions Ever

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So many questions.

But one man has answers. The keeper of this column found in Indian publications is absolutely serious about the importance of sex-ed. 90-year-old Mahinder Watsa is one of India’s best known sexologists and even at his age still answers up to 120 sex-related questions a day.

“I get nearly 100-120 queries by mail daily apart from the 20 sent to me by the tabloid. Most are about penis-size anxiety and masturbation followed by anxious young couples eager to have a child,” he admits, and adds, “It is nice to see women opening up about sexual and reproductive health and coming forward to ask questions. While we still have a long way to go, this speaks of the tectonic shift in attitudes related to sex.”

Someone has to be out there answering the terrible questions so that lemon juice doesn’t end up in vaginas. Glad Mr. Watsa’s on it.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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