Stephen A. Smith Unsure If Women Provoke Some Domestic Violence


Stephen A. Smith of ESPN fame stepped in a giant pile of steaming trouble today on First Take when addressing the topic of domestic violence in relation to the two game suspension of the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice after video of him beating up his fiance surfaced.

Stephen A. then took to Twitter to attempt to explain what he’d meant. The below are screenshots from @stephenasmith but first let’s see the Ray Rice vid that Stephen A. was commenting on. Keep in mind that she and Rice stayed together after this episode where he punched her, knocking her out, after she allegedly spit on him. Rice then got a two day suspension.

Right, on to the tweets where many felt that Stephen A. was essentially saying “don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.” You can see from the retweets that these messages got spread around a lot.

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Twitter then caught on fire:

You’d think this might have been the end of it up nope. Stephen’s seen fit go to long form. There’s a screenshot below since this was showing as page not found for some.


Stay tuned and we’ll see if Stephen can fit both legs into his mouth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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