Remember “Octomom?” She Pleaded No Contest To Welfare Fraud Today

You may recall her, a woman who took a bunch of fertility meds and ended up pregnant in the manner of animals, giving birth to eight children through no fault of their own. All this while already have six previous children and being completely and totally on the government dole.

“I don’t think she’s a bad person who wanted to take advantage of the system.”

Her given name is Natalie Denise Suleman, later changed to Nadya, and today she appeared in a Los Angeles court and pleaded no contest to a charge of welfare fraud for not reporting the $30,000 she made from public appearances and videos.

What videos, you say? Why this one, the cover of which is copywritten and I’m unable to post here. Suffice to say that she was paid several thousand dollars to appear in “Octomom Home Alone” which I’d assume isn’t nearly as funny as the original, non-porn, version. But, per Rule 34, there was already a built in audience for pornography featuring a woman with a personality disorder who’d given birth to 14 children. Certainly nothing exploitative about that.

“It was such a positive experience for me and helped me embrace my sexuality.” She also described the scenes as “empowering and liberating.”

I mean, clearly, after 14 children she’s finally coming to terms with her sexuality and all it took was having sex on camera for money. I guess we can expect 14 more along with the inevitable fraud and lies that will accompany them.

The Octomom

Suleman, who both sides say has made restitution by paying back $9,805 to the California Department of Health Care Services and $16,481 to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services, pleaded no contest because she did not want to go through a drawn-out trial process, LaCilento said.

“We could have litigated this, but she didn’t want to go through a long trial and she wanted to resolve it quickly,” he said.

In 2009, Suleman received an initial outpouring of public support as a single mother of newborn octuplets. But she became a staple of the tabloid press after it was revealed she had undergone fertility treatments when she already had six children. Her children were only the second set of octuplets known to have survived in the United States.

Since their birth, Suleman has struggled to make ends meet, attempting a singing career and releasing a pornographic video.

In 2012, she entered rehab to treat anxiety and filed for bankruptcy.

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