Missing Bodies: Only 200 Out Of 282 Bodies From The Malaysian Crash Have Been Turned Over

Today, Ukrainian rebels turned over the bodies they’ve recovered from the crash site of Malaysian Flight 17 (MH17). Unfortunately, only 200 bodies out of a declared 282 arrived in the refrigerated train cars which were used to transport them to the large industrial city of Kharviv, Ukraine. As a result, the leader of the Dutch forensics team has stated they will have to enter the plane’s impact zone and search for the bodies themselves. Needless to say the Dutch are not happy since most of the crash victims were Dutch.

Speaking at a news conference in Kharkiv, Mr Tuinder said they would have to go back to the crash site to carry out another search. “We will not leave until [all the] remains have left this country so we will have to go on and bargain again with the people over there,” he said. On Monday, the rebels’ political leader, Alexander Borodai, said there were 282 bodies and 87 body parts.

The head of the Dutch forensics team, police officer Jain Tuinder, says the train which arrived in Kharkiv today contains 200 bodies, significantly less than that claimed by the rebels.

This process is made more complicated by the fact that the area is still an active combat zone with BBC reporters stating that they could hear missiles being launched in the distance.

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The entire affair has been somewhat of a debacle. Hours after the crash, reports began rolling in that items were being removed from the bodies of crash victims and that the site was not being secured properly. In the video at the top, a man walks up to the BBC reporter and hands her a wallet from the site, asking her if she’ll “pass it on.” Additionally, there was concern that the black boxes might not be available to Malaysian inspectors since the rebels themselves are accused of shooting down flight MH17.

However, today, the Russian-backed rebels met with a Malaysian delegation and did turn them over. They were reportedly in good condition. They’re now being shipped onward to the UK where a full investigation will commence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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