NYPD Cop Caught On Tape Stomping On A Suspect’s Head…Over A Joint

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQhOmpDMUDg]

Less than two weeks ago, the NYPD was videotaped choking Eric Garner on the streets of Staten Island. He later died. Now, a Brooklyn officer has been videotaped stomping on the head of a man who had already been restrained by multiple officers after being caught with a minor amount of marijuana.

It took three officers under a minute to restrain the suspect. Joel Edouard, the officer delivering the headstomp is seen grappling with him at the beginning of the video. He later walks away but then comes back and stomps the suspects head before leaving again.

The officer has since been placed on desk duty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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