Not All Black Girls Are Grade D But All Grade D Girls Are Black

Looking to get famous or at least get acting work in Los Angeles? Well, do I have the job for you. Sande Alessi Casting has put out a casting call for some production called “Straight Outta Compton!” Date? TBD. Setting? 80s, I assume in Compton or places you can reach in a straight line from Compton. Girls who should apply? That’s a little more complicated.


Just to be clear, B girls are light skinned and have natural straight hair…which means they’re not Black. C girls are Black but medium to light skinned with a weave. D girls are poor, dark girls.

I can only assume these details were omitted from the A girls because it’s assumed they’ll be so hot that their hotness makes up for their blackness. There are no White D girls. There are no Asian D girls. There are no Hispanic D girls.

California, land of enlightenment. Don’t forget to include your Union status in your degrading application. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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