No Matter Who’s Right, These Graphic Pics Show Israel’s Killing Lots Of Kids

No matter who started the latest Palestinian/Israeli fighting, one thing is clear, Israel’s finishing it.

Following days upon days of shelling, Israel continues to follow up with its ground offensive whose stated aim is to rid Gaza of tunnels that Palestinian militants use to travel back and forth from Gaza to Israel proper. And while Hamas has certainly fired it’s share of rockets into Israeli territory (680 in 2014), the outcomes for the two sides have been decidedly different.

Gaza: 512 dead, 3,150 wounded.

Israel: 1 dead from rocket attacks, 16 injured.

This is not a proportional conflict and Twitter tells the tale because it’s the reaction of the people, not the media.

This is Palestine:

This Is Israel:

It’s to the point that even Secretary of State John Kerry is mocking Israel’s so called “pinpoint strikes.” Start at 23 seconds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – YouTube

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