Meet Israel’s Religious Extremists


Meet Israel’s xenophobic, gentile hating Ultra-Orthodox community also known as Heradi. Half of these men don’t work and are subsidized by the Israeli government. They also don’t have to serve in the Israeli Defense Force like every other Israeli does. They’re nearly 1/7th of the Israeli population and their population is increasing rapidly thanks to a high birth rate. The men don’t go to traditional secular school and instead study the Torah from age 13-18.

The women are veiled, everything is segregated by gender (the Israeli military even caters to this), and the community often demands that everyone else do as they’d like rather than conforming to the needs of the non-Ultra-Orthodox majority. And as their population grows, mainstream Israeli politicians are forced to increasingly cater to them.

If they sound like the Taliban then there’s a reason for that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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