Connecticut Man Arrested For Carving Watermelon “Passive Aggressively”


A Thomaston, Connecticut man was arrested Monday after being accused of stabbing a knife into a watermelon and leaving it on the counter for a woman to see when she arrived at his home. Later, he came into the room and began cutting the watermelon up in a “passive aggressive” manner and the woman became unnerved. It was this horrific incident which spurred the woman to then call the police who arrived, arrested Carmine Cervellino, 49, and held him on $500 bond.

But it gets better. Earlier she’d called the police about some drugs of his she supposedly found in his toolbox and which she’d taken photos of.

Initially, the woman came to police headquarters the morning of July 4 to report finding a plastic bag of marijuana and a pill container — with her name — which had Percocet and an unidentified blue pill inside. It was hidden in Cervellino’s tool box, she told police.

She snatched them up, took pictures with a cell phone camera and stowed them away in her room. Later, when the woman returned home, she found the drugs missing, she claims, but she showed police the photos. Cervillino is not facing any drug charges.

Passive aggressive watermelon carving, drugs that disappear, photos of drugs that are discounted by police, where does it stop? And why is she taking photos of everything including the watermelon?

Cervillino walked in seconds later, and without saying anything, began slicing pieces of the watermelon. The woman snapped a picture of the knife and turned it over to police.

Isn’t a butcher knife what you use to carve a watermelon? Shouldn’t I be able to hide my pot in my tool box in peace?

Carmine, my man, you need to find a new lady friend. This one’s trying to get you put away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Joi Ito

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