Jobs Today Should Be Able To Pay Whatever They Want, Or Not At All


Last year, Greek strawberry farmers shot 30 Bangledeshi immigrant workers because the workers demanded six month’s worth of back wages they were owed. Yesterday, the Guardian is reporting that a Greek court acquitted those same strawberry farmers of all charges related to the shootings.

“It sends the message that a foreign worker can die like a dog in the orchard.”

The Greek court did charge two of the farmers with other charges, but none for the actual shootings.

Two others, accused of aggravated assault and illegal firearms possession, were handed prison sentences of 14 years and seven months and eight years and seven months but were also freed pending appeal.

As of March, Greece’s unemployment rate was 26.6%, over twice as high as the European Union average. When money is tight, it seems, companies can do what they want.

Migrant worker abuse has been getting some attention again, lately. A video depicting a foreign worker being brutally beaten by a Saudi man which originally appeared last year jumped to the front page of r/video yesterday with the video being again spread around the internet.

And, as some readers may know, the government of the middle eastern nation of Qatar recently admitted that nearly 1,000 of their migrant workers have died in the last year.

But thankfully these things don’t happen in the U.S. where our workers have so many protections.

Well, they do, especially in the U.S.’s southwest where most of your vegetables are grown. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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