Is Today’s Explosion On A Moscow Subway Being Hushed Up?

With the shooting down of Malaysian airliner MH17 this week by Russian backed rebels, the world has a lot of questions for Russia. And while Russian television has been all over reporting on the fate of MH17 it’s apparently ignoring an explosion in a Moscow subway just a few hours ago.

Below is a video of the explosion posted on Instagram and found over at The Wire:

Here’s the second Tweet from Russia Today. It was sent out three hours ago. Since then, nothing.

Here’s the initial tweet sent out four hours ago.

There’s nothing about it on the Russia Today website and apparently nothing on RT’s television channel either.

Russia has seen its share of bombings, almost all by Muslim separatists from the Caucaus region, and those are usually widely reported on. That this one isn’t being widely reported on is, frankly, odd. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Rosa Dik 009 — On & Off

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