Did The Power Of LeBron’s Cleveland Return Cause This Bridge To Explode?

Nah, it’s been years in the planning but it’s still quite a sight to see. The 55-year-old Inner Belt Bridge came down in seconds early this morning after a series of charges blew the joints and supports and sent it tumbling to the ground. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The push of a button ignited 182 pounds of explosives and sent more than 10 million pounds of steel crashing to the ground this morning.

The demolition of the old Inner Belt Bridge went off without a hitch — a half second of spectacular, controlled destruction that wowed a crowd of onlookers who gathered at East 14th Street and Broadway to watch the Interstate 90 span over the Cuyahoga River disappear.

Explosives placed at 88 locations crumpled the steel skeleton in on itself. The “linear shaped charges” caused trusses to drop in sections, hitting mounds built next to the concrete piers that remained standing after the blast. The piers will be torn down mechanically over the next few months.

The old bridge is being replaced with two other bridges, scheduled to be finished by 2016. LeBron should have brought Cleveland a championship by then.

Here’s another vantage point. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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