5 Damning Pieces Of Evidence Showing Who Shot Down Malaysian Flight 17

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released photographic and satellite evidence yesterday that purports to show that Russian-backed militants in Ukraine were responsible for shooting down Malaysian Flight 17 on July 17th. All images are credited to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

1. Increased Activity At A Nearby Russian Training Facility

During June, satellite imagery purports to show that this Russian training facility on the Ukrainian border had increased activity. This is also the first time U.S. intelligence has revealed the location of the facility that they believe is providing material and training support to Ukrainian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

2. Photo Of A Missile Launcher On Social Media

A local took this photo in Krasnodon, Ukraine and it was posted on social media. U.S. Intelligence officials have stated that this is evidence that Ukrainian rebels were in possession of BUK surface-to-air missiles capable of shooting down MH17 despite the rebel groups statements that they did not have weapons capable of shooting down a commercial airliner.


3. Another Photo Of A BUK

This is another photo of a BUK missile system in the city of Krasnodon, Ukraine which Ukrainian rebels claimed they did not possess.


4. Yet Another Photo Of A BUK System

Also in Krasnodon, Ukraine. Also posted to social media.


5. The Most Damning Piece Of Evidence

From MH17’s flight plan and its crash location, intelligence analysts claim to have been able to extrapolate exactly when and where the commercial airliner was struck by a missile and are then able to narrow down probable locations for where a missile system would need to be in order to bring the plane down. Russian officials have strongly implied that it was the Ukrainian government itself, not the rebels Russia backs, that shot down the plan. This graphic shows that, at the least, this theory is implausible. The plane was well into rebel territory at the time it was fired upon and near locations where the rebels are seen to have had BUK surface-to-air missile systems. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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