Young Terrorists Now Recording Horrifying Brutalities In Hollywood Style HD

Most recruits to al-Qa’ida and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are young, disillusioned men and so any propaganda these groups make has to appeal to them. Judging from some of the twitter accounts associated with these groups, notably ISIS, they know this and actively exploit it even going so far as to tag #fifa and #worldcup in a number of their posts. But where this really becomes clear is in how ISIS has been framing, filming, and editing the video they’ve been releasing. The sophistication and quality has increased greatly over the years allowing them to essentially present not just combat but murder in high definition. Even here, the digital age has great influence.

They also capture people and post pictures of them. The below tweet depicts Iraqi soldiers who have been captured.

Then they kill them, behead some of them, and post pictures of their trophies up on twitter. These are the same captured soldiers as above. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – YouTube

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