These Graphic New Anti-Poaching Ads By The WWF Will Hit You Hard

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a new series of ads entitled “Stop One. Stop Them All” aimed squarely at three destructive industries, two of which concern extremely endangered animals and one of which has already resulted in the extinction of the Western Black Rhino this year.


Sharks for erectile dysfunction and sharkfin soup. Tigers for erectile dysfunction, hides, and tea. Rhinos for erectile dysfunction and ivory. That’s right, all of these animals are culled because it’s believed that they can aid in erectile dysfunction or at least serve as an aphrodisiac. As a result, the Western Black Rhino was poached to extinction this very year. But poachers don’t hunt and fish these animals for fun, they do it for money and without the consumer demand of the exclusively wealthy there would be no market for these animal products at all.

That’s what the pyramid analogy in these posters is all about and it’s a striking reminder that even in a global economy we’re all connected. It’s also a reminder that there’s only one main market for all of these animal products, China, and that’s just being real about the situation. China is the number one destination for ivory and aphrodisiacs that don’t work at all.

Whether you’re a dyed in the wool conservationist, an ecologically minded hunter, or just someone who wants these animals to be around 100 years from now then help get the word out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark



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