It’s Official! The World’s Ugliest Doge Is From North Carolina!

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The above terrifying visage belongs to ‘Peanut’ a 2-year-old mutt from Greenville, North Carolina. Peanut was severely burned as a puppy so in addition to his naturally protruding eyes, skeletal muzzle, and snaggled teeth, he has disfigurement going for him in the annual contest for world’s ugliest dog which is a real thing that happens every year in California.

However, it’s not all morbid news for this zombie-like creature doomed to walk the earth for another 10 to 15 years. Peanut apparently has a happy disposition that belies his freakish appearance and his owner entered him into the race in the hopes of bringing awareness to the issue of animal abuse. She’s also going to be using the $1500 in prize money to pay vet bills for other pets who need care. So, good dog and a good owner.

Here’s a few more photos of Peanut as well as the competition that he edged out. All ugly, probably all very, very sweet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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