Audio: Hillary Clinton Knowingly Defended A Child Rapist Then Kind Of Bragged About It On Tape

In 1975, Hillary Clinton agreed to defend a man named Thomas Alfred Taylor. He was 41 at the time and had been accused of luring a 12 year old girl into his car and raping her.

In the tape, which has never before been released, she explains that she used a legal technicality to plead down the charges on Taylor to a lesser charge. He was convicted of “child fondling” instead of rape and served only 10 months in prison.

What’s also clear from the tape is that Clinton knew that Taylor was guilty of raping a 12 year old girl and she wasn’t required to take the case in the first place. She took it as a favor to a friend.

This is bound to be discussed further but even while it’s distasteful, isn’t everyone entitled to a defense? Isn’t the burden of conviction on the prosecution? Should Hillary be judged for doing her Constitutional duty?

At the same time, do the American people want to elect a President who knowingly and successfully defended a pedophile while championing the rights of victims in public? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – YouTube

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