20 More Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram Despite #BringBackOurGirls

In what has become a maddeningly frustrating situation for many Nigerians, Boko Haram has reportedly kidnapped more women in North East Nigeria near the town where nearly 300 girls were kidnapped circa two months ago.

The kidnappings happened on Saturday and initial estimates were that as many as 40 young mothers had been kidnapped along with 3 men who reportedly tried to stop the kidnappings. Those in the village about five miles from Chibok were there to watch over the village.

“All the males in the settlement were away in the bush with their herd (of cattle) for grazing when the abductors came to the village.”

In the past, women have been kidnapped from cattle ranchers and then held for ransom until the ranchers gave Boko Haram some of their herd. In the past, ranchers have paid the ransom with up to 30 or 40 head of cattle but haven’t informed the authorities for fear of reprisal from Boko Haram members.

Nigerian authorities stated that they were aware of the kidnappings but hadn’t heard of it happening before.

“This is the first time we are hearing abduction of Fulani women and we are working to establish the circumstances surrounding the kidnap and necessary action to take.”

The international community has struggled somewhat to determine an appropriate reaction to Boko Haram despite what appears to be a growing conflict between the Islamist group and Nigerian authorities. The group engaged in a bombing attack in late May that killed over 100 people. In a recent development, the nation of Turkey has moved to freeze Boko Haram’s assets located in that county, much of which was believed to be arms destined for Nigeria.

Boko Haram is an extremist Islamist group whose stated goal is to bring a severe form of Sharia Law to Nigeria. Nigerian citizens have been calling for more direct action against Boko Haram on the part of the Nigerian government. Corruption has consistently been blamed for the government’s relative inaction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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