Arizona Senator’s Son Might Have Accidentally Cooked 20 Dogs To Death

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According to Phoenix’s Fox10, 20 dogs that died at the Green Acre boarding house in Arizona may have been the responsibility of Austin Flake, son of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. Austin and his wife were reportedly charged with watching the animals left in the boarding facility while the facility’s owner was out of town. However, this apparently did not happen and so when the power went out the dogs in the boarding house were all exposed to extreme heat and died.

“I demanded. I got in the owners face,” said Valerie Collins who left her two dogs in the care of the Green Acre boarding house near Gilbert. “We went out of the front and he carried my Daisy who was lifeless. I prayed that they were still alive and [the facility’s owner] just threw her at my feet like a piece of meat.”
While Collins and her husband waited to claim their dogs, other dog owners began showing up.

Senator Jeff Flake

“A text that was sent to me from the owner said that his daughter and son-in-law would be caring for them and they would be back shortly,” said Collins, who also claims she saw Flake the day she picked up her dogs. “He was in the living room when my husband opened the door.  He ran to the back of the house when my husband entered the house.”

To make matters worse, it appears that someone associated with the boarding facility may have initially also attempted to lie about what happened.

David Gillette, who is on vacation in California with his wife and two young children, lost two golden retrievers at the boarding house.  He said one of the owners left a voicemail claiming their dog had run away.

The dogs were later found dead at the facility. Interestingly,there’s no boarding regulations in the state of Arizona which means that anyone can run such a business.

Following is an extended video interview with the owner of the facility. She namedrops both Senator Flake’s name as well as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s name within 20 seconds of the interview starting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Fox10 News

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