Missing Toddler Found Cuddled Underneath The Family Dog In Near Freezing Weather


While he was only lost for 7 hours, Cooperstown, North Dakota pulled out all the stops to try and find three year old Carson Urness including a airplane search, the use of police dogs, and literally a quarter of the 800 person town turning out to search on foot. None turned up any sign of the boy until late in the evening when they decided to send out one more person to search before calling it a night.

via ABCNews

About a mile from the boy’s home, in tall grass, the boy was found with the family dog, Cooper, who was literally lying on top of the boy in an apparent attempt to keep him warm in the 40 degree weather. When that final searcher approached, Cooper stuck his head out of the grass and that’s how they were found.

“Carson told his mom that Cooper stayed on top of him and kept him safe and warm,” Urness said. “He told her that he was a little scared when it got dark because he doesn’t like the dark.”

via ABCNews

Too cute but there’s little doubt that the toddler would likely have died from exposure if his dog hadn’t kept him warm and then reacted when approached. Awww worthy but also genuinely amazing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – via ABCNews

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