Teenagers Tweeting Terrorism Threats To Airlines Is Now A Thing, Apparently

Can we add idiots to this list? via Mike Licht

In an apparent desire for incarceration, dozens of teenagers have taken to tweeting provocative “I might be about to kill hundreds of people” messages to U.S. airlines in a style copycatting that of the Dutch girl tweeting under the handle @QueenDemetriax_. Two days ago, she was excited that she’d gone from 3,000 to 30,000 followers all in a matter of hours, likely made up of people hoping to watch her livetweet her arrest and subsequent public flogging. They got their wish though not on her account which was suspended.

She was released the next day which her copycats apparently took as a sign that this was perfectly acceptable behavior.

@AmericanAir the bomb goes of in 3 hours
— Alden Fernandez ♥ (@AldoFernz) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir I have a bomb under the next plane to take off
— Army Jacket . (@ShyyLicious) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir I’m gonna bomb your 737 jet
— ▲ demi ▼ (@ddlovatosteddy) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir You really seem to not care that i’m about to bomb your plane that’s headed to Paris. Btw, my name is Ahmed.
— Allie (@ComedyBatman) April 14, 2014

@SouthwestAir @WesleyWalrus is gonna bomb your next few flights
— donnie cyrus. (@MileyFawLife) April 14, 2014

@Politie_Rdam @YourAnonCentral @AmericanAir release her or I’ll bomb your HQ. you gonna arrest me now?
— admrl. anonymous (@nonfreak) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir Hello Am From Iraq i Want 1Million Or I Will Plan A Bomb To Your Next Flight To Paris !! Bye Bye America ”
— The Real Slim Shady (@WaleedMeshari) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir Hello, I’m eduardo. ago a couple of weeks were warned, i´m ignored. you will pay the consequences. Bomb! HAHAHAHA
— eduardo (@eduardo37276391) April 14, 2014

@AmericanAir hello my name is Ibrahim I think you guys are the BOMB!!!!!!
— zahra (@versaceftziam) April 14, 2014

@SouthwestAir I bake really good pies and my friends call me ″the bomb” am I still allowed to fly?
— Kale (@KalenRiley10) April 14, 2014

What’s truly repulsive aside from the obvious is that every time a teenager does this it costs the government and Airlines a substantial amount of money, as in real money. So, it looks like kids with time on their hands have found yet another way to cost their parents their hard earned cash but this time there’s disrespectful 9/11 overtones. And for “old person” points I’m willing to guess that a good portion of these kids weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened.

Hey, Holocaust and 9/11 jokes for all! Right, teenagers? I’m betting live murder on Instagram is next. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Nick Richards

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