These Images Of Syrian Extremists Crucifying People, Executing Children Show The Brutal Reality Of Life There

The Sunni Muslim extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has stepped up its war against the unpious this week by crucifying two men and killing eight others in Raqqa Province two of which were aged 13 and 16. The following images are taken from the “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” Facebook page found here.



ISIS has been in conflict with not only the Shi’ite led Syrian government but moderate Sunnis making up the nationalistic focused Sunni opposition, The Free Syrian Army for three years now. According to Vice News, the signs on the men read “This man was a fighter against Muslims and threw a grenade here.”

As in other areas of the Middle East such as Al Anbar Province in Iraq and, of course, Afghanistan, this is what Sharia rule looks like or has looked like, repression and gruesome murder. The above two crucifixions were preceded by another one last month.


Additionally, ISIS has begun a very Taliban style crackdown in the area on non-Islamic cultural relics, destroying ancient Assyrian statutes that date back to the early mid 700s.

via Al-Arabiya

Crucifixion has been used previously by Islamic extremists to terrorize local populations. In 2012, the below video surfaced of a supposed spy in Yemen who was “placing sensors in militant’s cars to direct US attacks on them.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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