Bullied Special Needs Student Reports His Tormentors, School Principal Then Bullies Him

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In a story that seems to have emerged straight from the depths of hell, a Pennsylvania sophomore special needs student recorded students in one of his classes bullying him while the teacher did nothing to intervene. Once the recording was brought to the attention of South Fayette High School Principal Scott Milburn, the sophomore bullying victim was informed that he now faced felony illegal wiretapping charges for making a recording in a place where there is “an expectation of privacy.”

The specifics of the incident are reportedly as follows:

  • The victim has repeatedly been subject to being shoved and tripped at school and one student even attempted to burn him with a cigarette lighter.
  • He was previously diagnosed with a comprehension delay disorder, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder. He says the bullying treatment is especially harsh and academically disruptive during his special education math class, in which students with behavioral problems are also placed.
  • He used his school approved personal iPad to make a seven-minute audio recording of his classroom experience. He then played the video for his mother who transcribed the audio before contacting the school.

“According to Love, as the teacher is heard attempting to help her son with a math problem, a student says, “You should pull his pants down!” Another student replies, “No, man. Imagine how bad that (c**t) smells! No one wants to smell that (t**t).” As the recording continues, the teacher instructs the classroom that they may only talk if it pertains to math. Shortly thereafter, a loud noise is heard on the recording, which her son explained was a book being slammed down next to him after a student pretended to hit him in the head with it. When the teacher yells, the student exclaims, “What? I was just trying to scare him!” A group of boys are heard laughing.”

According to another source, “The school board’s bullying policy pledges no retribution for reporting suspected bullying. Its policy for abuse of electronic devices is disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the device pending a conference with the parent.”

Once the iPad was back in the hands of school administrators, the video of the incident was deleted. The boy was eventually charged with and found guilty of disorderly conduct by District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet.

In other, better news, a 62-year-old man from South Euclid, Ohio, was convicted of harassing a neighbor and her disabled children and a judge is forcing him to sit in a public place while holding a sign that says “I am a bully.” So, there’s that at least. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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