Why Are You Okay With Eating Garbage?

Seriously though, I just got finished reading this article from TC and I’m a person alive in the world today. This isn’t my first or even 10th exposure to this narrative. I read the Monsanto news and know about the long transport times for food storage and long waits under the hot lights. Why do we insist on the idea that fast food in the US is “clean” and “fresh?” Why don’t we insist on more? Why don’t we cook at home and bring our own food into work for the infamous “lunch rush?”

It amazes me, the current youth generation (yes, millennials)  is the most cynical in history (understandable given Iraq) but we still eat fast food and act as if it’s okay. This amazes me. Why aren’t you growing a communal garden with your friends or pooling for farmer’s market produce? Why aren’t you cutting a deal instead of accepting this nonsense? Is it that you’re still too young to care? In my state you can buy half a cow for $500 and a chest freezer for under $140. Way less than an iPad.

Look, you’re a TC reader which means that, generally, you’re thinking about your well being. But, if you’re cynical about the world why aren’t you being precise about your choices? As a guy who has a garden every year on a tiny piece of urban land (yeah, I’m that guy) I have to ask, are you being lazy or, seriously, are you just not worried about it?

Cause if you’re not worried about it then I’m interested in running a whole piece about what your grandparents (who weren’t cynical) ate and how they’re doing/did.


So, maybe you think you’re poor but if you’re a typical member of TC’s demo then you’re NOT poor which means that if you don’t have enough money for good food then you’re LIVING poor but you’re not poor (I’m talking family money here). Don’t live poor if you’re not poor, it’s not helping those who are actually poor. It’s actually hurting them because it’s increasing the demand for poor nutrition. Capitalism, remember?

And, if you are poor then what are some of the best ways you’ve found to eat healthy and not blow the bank on food? Answer this question, please.

I haven’t said this generally but I love people and I want them to make good choices. I believe in the power of democracy and the truth of the human spirit. I also don’t believe documentaries just because they say X. I do my own research. If you’re cynical do you do yours? XOXO, honestly. Don’t get mad. This is a sincere post.

-James Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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