Arizona Students Rioted Last Night And Then The Cops Beat Them Up

Last night, as I was watching the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Michigan Wolverines by only three points, the Arizona Wildcats (an altogether different and inferior Wildcat) were getting beaten by the Wisconsin Badgers by only 3 points. Arizona fans did not take kindly to this loss. In fact, they rioted.

This young lady was apparently deemed threatening and absolutely crushed by an officer.

The man at the end was shot multiple times with pepper balls, painful but nonlethal.

The University of Arizona seems to be just pretending none of this happened at all.

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Reportedly, 15 students were arrested on misdemeanor charges. There’d been a lot of drinking…as there often is.

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Frankly though, I think Arizona deserves a better class of riot. In Kentucky we burned furniture in the streets. I don’t see a single burning couch in any of this media.

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Oh wait, that’s a car. TC mark

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