PETA Comes To The Defense Of Bigfoot, Probably Still Want To Be Taken Seriously

So, there’s an obvious hoax taking place created by the skillful hands of serial Bigfoot hoaxster Rick Dyer who’s most well known for freezing a rubber bigfoot suit in a box of ice along with a bunch of cow guts and claiming it was real. Complicated stuff, eh?

Well, now he’s showing off a new fake Bigfoot corpse in Texas and PETA, being the image conscious lot they are, thought this was the time to chime in regarding Bigfoot hunting instead of simply uttering those interview ending words “no comment.” Here’s what they had to say.

“The bottom line is, when someone sees a rare, exotic animal their first instinct shouldn’t be to shoot and kill it,” said PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt. “Just because you see something pretty, that doesn’t mean it should be mounted on your wall.”

If anything the hunting and killing of a fictional animal teaches a lesson about hunting culture in general. According to Rajt, the popularity of hunting for sport is in decline, and has been since the late 1970s.

“Wildlife watching is gaining popularity over hunting,” she said.

“As an organization we do oppose hunting of any kind. It’s cruel and unnecessary and can damage populations and ecosystems,” Rajt said.

To PETA there is no difference between a fishing lure or a gun when it comes to hunting and killing animals.

“You are inflicting pain and suffering either way,” Rajt said.

For PETA, that  goes for fish, deer, chicken, and forest-dwelling ape-like creatures.

That’s right, to PETA there’s no difference between hooking a Trout and shooting to death a highly intelligent ape man. No. Difference.

Really weak. Now PETA’s getting trolled by Texans? I’m sorry but they’ve hit a pretty low point if the gullible people of the Lone Star state are successfully making fun of them. Maybe, I don’t know, avoid chiming in on whether or not it’s ethical to shoot mythical animals? Next thing you know they’ll be sending out press releases on who would win in a fight, the Dinobots or Voltron.

The answer is Voltron.

Sorry about the merry making, Texans, I still love you. I just thinking teaching Creationism in schools is fail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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