Graphic Video: Did The Ukrainian Security Service Behead An Activist?

First off, I cannot account for this video’s provenance. Secondly, it is brief but graphic.

The video is entitled “”Berkut” and “titushki” beheaded activist” and depicts one beheaded man wearing no uniform being carried on a stretcher by four individuals. Two appear to be policeman and two appear to be firemen. The video was posted on the 26th of February, yesterday. It has received only 21,000 views in that time but, as of yet, I have not heard a thing about this from any major media source.

The obvious questions are when did this happen and who is the man on the stretcher? If the man on the stretcher is an activist and if he was beheaded by Ukrainian Security Service then this needs to be known. Hopefully this will help garner the attention of the media soon. You can, of course, increase the likelihood of such a thing by bringing attention to it yourself.

I’m making no claims here regarding what is depicted in the video. I simply think that it demands explanation. (This article previously read “behead 18 activists. I’ve been appraise that this was a difficulty in the translation. thx to user ‘tindra’ for the help.  Additionally, Facebook has apparently marked this video as “malicious.” Again, I make no claims regarding whether or not the video is what it claims to be.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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